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What Is So Unique About Personalized Medicine?

Unique Snowflakes

Personalized Medicine is a term I use to describe being on the journey with you, to help you gain greater health or return to health, and it is the basis of my practice mantra which is, "Helping You Reach Your Maximum Health Potential." This expression, "Personalized Medicine", effectively describes my medical practice over the past 27 years. I have studied medicine and many of the healing arts with fascination and a great sense of purpose, and I will continue to learn in order to be able to use all of my knowledge and skills (science and all of the many modalities in my Black Bag) to help you figure out what you need to gain or regain your health.

And this is what I know....

When challenges occur, every person is uniquely individual in their health and healing journey. All of us try to lead a balanced life, and life by its very nature is constantly changing. Staying balanced is a series of challenges, a process rather than a destination. As we face each challenge to our balance, it is very important to have the ability to regain our balance as quickly and effectively as possible. When our balance is disrupted by an injury or illness, coming back to balance may include physical, mental and spiritual components. I will use Personalized Medicine to help you continue to find your balance in all of these areas so that you can reach your maximum health potential and enjoy your life to the fullest.

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