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About Me

​I have often been encouraged to blog about my thoughts and share them with others. So, here we go... my first blog.

Corpus Callosum

I am a woman with a large Corpus Callosum (see picture) in my brain. This means that both hemispheres or sides of my brain are very well connected and share information easily. Women generally have a larger Corpus Callosum than men, which allows them to use more of the whole brain all at one time for tasks while male brains generally use smaller, more intensely activated portions of the brain for powerfully focused attention on one specific thing at a time. Each of these types of brain use have their strengths, one is taking in the "big picture" while the other is focusing on the "fine detail". (Ok, all that Corpus Callosum rambling is to explain to you how and why my mind has so many thoughts per minute, and why I will enjoy blogging with you on a multitude of subjects that are all intimately linked to health and wellness. I promise to try and balance the "big picture" and the "fine detail" so you get the best of both!) A little about myself: I am originally from Philadelphia. Yes, I love the Eagles football team! I grew up in the Roxborough section of Philadelphia, went to public school and then to Ursinus College and medical school at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. I did a Family Medicine Residency at Geisinger Hospital in Danville, PA. For almost 10 years, I was a Family Doctor at Manor Family Health in Lancaster, PA. I love Lancaster, PA and still miss it at times. During a Vipassana meditation retreat in 1996 I was led to pursue further training in Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine and that led me to Kirksville, MO., home of the first Osteopathic School. Thanks to love, I landed in Johnson City, TN! Currently, I have 2 main teachers, my sons Kevin and Kieran. The boys ceaselessly teach me about love, in all of its wonderfully complicated gloriousness! I am also blessed with about 2000 other teachers, my patients! These beloved patients teach me so much through their challenges with health, disease and their life experiences. I am an eager and willing participant in all of these priceless lessons that my teachers will share with me, and that is what I hope to share with you! This is what I know.... Love heals all. Even when we forget or can't feel it, it is there. We just have to open up to it again and again. I bring love, first and foremost, to all of my patients, in order to help us all create the relationships that allow us to be trusting partners in our quest for health and healing. Together we can find our way back to healthy balance. Secondly, I can help test, address, and assist you in finding your specific recovery needs; the corrections or solutions needed to address your imbalances and challenges. It is my greatest honor to help you, my beloved patients, gain your Maximum Health Potential! Welcome, read on with curiosity!

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