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We offer a variety of advanced medical tests including:

- Comprehensive Stool Analysis (GI Effects 2200)

- Complete Nutritional Evaluation (NutrEval)

- Neurotransmitter Analysis (HPA Combo)

- Food Allergy Testing

-MTHFR Testing

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Along with an interpretation of your results, you will receive a one hour phone consult with Dr. Smith.

 Comprehensive Stool Analysis (GI Effects 2200)

The GI Effects  Stool Analysis checks for the four main malfunctions in your digestive system:  Infection, Inflammation, Insufficiency, and Imbalance.  When your digestive system isn't functioning properly, it can have a negative effect on every other system in your body.  With the results of this lab work, we can begin to rebuild and fortify the foundation of your healthy body, mind, and spirit. 

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Complete Nutritional Evaluation (NutrEval)    

The NutraEval gives us all the information we need to understand how well your body is taking in all of the nutritional building blocks necessary to create a healthy body, mind, and spirit.  With the information from this lab work, we can guide you towards your maximum health potential by adding the proper supports and supplies for your individual needs. 

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Neurotransmitter Analysis (HPA Combo)

With the Neurotransmitter Lab work we can see how your neurotransmitters are functioning.  Since neurotransmitters play a significant role in how both body and mind are functioning, this information can help us to optimize your levels so that you are functioning and feeling your best. 

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Food Allergy Testing

The Food Allergy Test will let us know what foods are causing allergic sensitivities that negatively affect you.  Both IgG and IgE food sensitivities and allergies can be evaluated for 90 foods, including spices.  This information can help us design a nutrition plan that minimizes your exposure to foods that irritate your system.

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MTHFR Testing

MTHFR testing looks for mutations in the genes that affect how your body uses the B-vitamin, Methylfolate, which is important for enzyme functioning throughout your body. Mutations of these genes are present in 30-70% of people with anxiety and depression, and are also linked to many other health disorders, like heart disease and autism.  This information helps us design a protocol that supports and balances the levels of  Methyfolate needed for healthy functioning.

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