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About Us

Johnson City Personalized Medicine is the blending of  Johnson City Osteopathic Medicine with the powerful and individualized practice of Personalized Medicine.  This new incarnation is the result of my strong desire to continue to help you find your best and uniquely personal path to wellness.

Coleen Smith, D.O. teaching gut health at Health Network meeting
Rebecca Holland, Office Master

My background includes 27 years as an Osteopathic Physician.  I've participated in a traditional Family Medicine practice for 10 years, and the last 17 years have been a practice in Osteopathic Manipulation and Holistic Medicine.  I am board certified in both Family Medicine (ABFM) and Integrative Holistic Medicine (ABIHM).  I am also a founding member of the Integrative Board and a profoundly Irish Woman.

And then there is Rebecca Holland, my office master.  She skillfully keeps everything (including me!) working efficiently so that we can offer you the best healthcare possible.  Visit Rebecca's Corner

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